A friend of mine pointed me to this site, great tools for sharing proposed routes or actual tracks from motorcycle, car, and hiking trips.  It’s sort of a social networking site for trip sharing.

Unfortunately, most of the users seem to be from Oregon, so if you’re a Californian, get busy!  I’ve posted my favorites/recent trips.

2 thoughts on “ridewithgps.com

  1. Hey, glad you are using the site! We are hard working on new features and improved aesthetics, and just pushed out a bunch of changes yesterday. Still a bunch of bugs I am sure, but the route planner is considerably more enjoyable to use.

    Don’t hesitate to give us some feedback, suggestions or criticisms. Any input helps us out.

  2. Hey, ran across this post and wanted to give an “official” update. We have been busy, with some much needed layout and functionality changes. Our route viewer, planner and 3d terrain viewer are all improved. Profile pages, gear items and photosets are all new as well. Additionally, some Californians have been busy on the site, giving some good runs and bike routes around the greater LA area! Thanks again.

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