You can contact Paul Traina at pleasantone at pst dot org.

I try to pay back some of my oxygen debt to the planet with a little philanthropy and random good works. My focus is on projects to alleviate human suffering and devastation from climate change. Combating desertification and creating water security are two of the biggest areas where we can make a difference in preventing famine and disease over the next 20 to 50 years.

In a former lifetime, I worked with a bunch of guys who built some boxes that glued things together. After we got big and bloated from our success, I decided to try the same thing again and helped create another company that sucked a bit less, but also eventually got big and bloated from its success. I’ve written a line of code or two, contributed to the design of a few communications protocols, done a bit of product management, helped acquire a couple of companies, ran a software organization, and cleaned a few toilets.

In 1990, at the end of the first week of working for cisco Systems, I found some egregiously misnamed functions that caused my work to not function properly. I posted a note to the software department stating that whoever had done this should be killed and/or maimed for making such a pathological mistake. The cofounder of the company, said “My, aren’t you a Pleasant One…” upon receiving my criticism of his code. This was the start of a beautiful six year relationship.

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