Santa Fe Motorcycle trip — the introduction and route out

I’m taking a couple of weeks to ride out to Santa Fe to go visit friends, make some pictures, meet new people, gawk at that strange land beyond the San Francisco bubble, and basically enjoy the high desert in the short window between “Inferno” and “Icicle.”

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Earthquake country ride

Heading down near Santa Margarita for the week to hang out with friends.

Someone suggested this route:

Seems like a nice idea, explore earthquake country…

Parkfield is the most active part of the San Andreas fault. Almost constant tremors and quakes. I may skip the Parkfield loop if it’s too hot… 😦

proposed motorcycle route to tahoe

I’m planning on heading up to Tahoe this week on the bike to stay with some friends at their cabin.

This is the route I’m considering —

  1. cross the bridge to 84
  2. east on tesla road to stockton ( suggestion)
  3. north on 88 to ione
  4. hit sutter ione road ( suggestion)
  5. hit fiddletown road ( suggestion)
  6. up 88 to 89 into tahoe