A friend of mine pointed me to this site, great tools for sharing proposed routes or actual tracks from motorcycle, car, and hiking trips.  It’s sort of a social networking site for trip sharing.

Unfortunately, most of the users seem to be from Oregon, so if you’re a Californian, get busy!  I’ve posted my favorites/recent trips.

proposed motorcycle route to tahoe

I’m planning on heading up to Tahoe this week on the bike to stay with some friends at their cabin.

This is the route I’m considering —

  1. cross the bridge to 84
  2. east on tesla road to stockton (pashnit.com suggestion)
  3. north on 88 to ione
  4. hit sutter ione road (pashnit.com suggestion)
  5. hit fiddletown road (pashnit.com suggestion)
  6. up 88 to 89 into tahoe

bike upgrades

after three motorcycle trips, I’ve decided to optimize my experience, with cash!!!

  • throttle lock (poor man’s cruise control so I can rest my right hand)
  • sheepskin seat cover (mexico was hard on my ass, this weekend wasn’t so bad…)
  • tail tidy (make the bike look clean when all the bags aren’t on)
  • sw-motech bracket and a Givi E52 topcase (some real storage on the bike)
  • a new tankbag (even more storage)
  • ram mount for my old garmin gps for navigation